The problem with Linux-Egypt


OK, I'm stating my opinions here on why I don't like how things are happening there.
With all my respect to Linux-Egypt Administrators and Moderators, But guys, You should realize something.
I loved and still love Linux-Egypt.

We did great things and we were going to do great things, But...
We want to be more open to the community,
We don't want to hide things,
We insist that all discussions MUST be publicly available, Either on the forum or through a mailing list.
This didn't happen from some people there. And I'm NOT going to write names.
We, and when I say we. I mean myself Mohammed Sameer, Alaa Abd El Fatah and Mostafa Hussein.
So we wanted a site redesign, We want to use a Free - As in free speech - CMS for the site, We wanted to be more open to the community
But we failed to achieve this.
We need a more democratic place, Imagine that you are in a LUG where you do whatever you can to spread the word Linux and Free Software, And an admin comes one day and says that he is the vice president. Since when we had a president and a vice president ? And you - a moderator - didn't know how/when/why such a decision was taken ?
Damn! All you can do is accept this.
When the LUG founder doesn't know the forum moderators.
Guys we need a wiki, We started one in our own web space and it was successful, Then It wasn't integrated into the website.
We want the community to have more influence on the decisions taken.

When the admins start to delete posts with no known reason and they insist on not discussing the reason on the forum, This is the end of the world to me.

To be continued...

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