You suck, but I like your pan cakes!


SO. Air france suck. They use a weird method to calculate your overweight and they fail to deliver the luggage!

I'm here in Helsinki without my luggage as usual with air france. I love their french pan cakes (YEAH!) but hell, CDG (Charles de Gaulle) airport suck.

Cairo/Paris flight. 5 hours. I slept like a pig.
Paris/Helsinki flight. 2.5 hours. I also slep like a pig!
I haven't slept well the last 2 nights (5 6 hours within the last 48 hours).

Helsinki. -8 degree. You don't really feel it. The first thing I said when I stepped outside the airport was: So, this is -8 ?!

The taxi driver was a guy from Morocco. As usual, he didn't think that this blonde man is from Egypt and called Mohammed.

They didn't pay for the hotel. I had to pay for the first night!

Damn this connection at the hotel. My 256 ADSL was better!

till waiting for my luggage. No idea what to do tomorrow.

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