Where did the bus stop go ?


And I was supposed to move today. I thought that I should take the bus to Espoo where my new place is, buy food and keep it in the apartment and install the cable modem I bought yesterday, take the bus back to Helsinki, take a taxi with all my bags back to Espoo.

It's a bit complicated I know but I didn't feel like moving my bags and then not being able to find food or coming back to Helsinki. At least, here I'm in he hotel, the office is within a walkable distance, I have internet, I somehow know where the market is and I know where I can find a restaurant.

So how do I reach the bus stop ? Easy, there's a tunnel after the Nokia building. Just walk through the tunnel. I kept walkng until I found nothing. I kpt walking for 45 minutes until I was eally tired without anything.

I was very frustrated and I wished I can go back to Egypt. I realy had a bad feeling.

Now you gotta love people. A friend I haven't met except once helped me a lot.

Now here's the bus stop:

The tunnel outlet is on the right side.

The problem is that no one told me that it's immediately after the outlet so I kept walking until I found myself in a strange place (The street above the forests):

I turned right and walked, nothing. I found myself near the hotel so I decided to go back!
I'll try again tomorrow because we'll have no sun after an hour or so (Yes, I had to wear my sun glasses today!).

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