Buying a GPS.


Dear Lazyweb,

Well, my 3rd post shouldn't be like this but I need help.

Given the fact that I have a very low sight and that it's very easy for me to get lost (I was getting lost for a whole week trying to find where my home is when I relocated here!). I decided to hunt for a GPS to help me.

I was searching and fount that I can go for:
* The garmin mobile 10x as I already have an iPAQ that can be used with it.
* A widescreen garmin device (No idea which model yet but maybe a nuvi 6XX ?).
* A wide screen TomTom navigator (No idea which model yet).

I don't really know which one is better and I'm also open to other alternatives.
I prefer if I can get it directly from a shop here in Finland but I can also buy it online.

So dear lazyweb, do you have something for me ?

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