Why are my friends doing this to me??


I don't know, I'm most of the time available on the IRC channel, Why are my friends replacing google with me ? Why are they asking me silly questions ? why are they telling me about things I don't care to hear about ? Why do I get silly questions from people expected to have high IQ ?!
Why do I get a question like: kppp connects but no send/receive ? why don't you try with a dan fucken command line application like wvdial ? why don't you google ? why don't you put the phone cable into your ass and dial with it ? pulse dialing still works!
How the hell am I supposed to answer a question like: I couldn't get E to work under my username ? And when this question comes from an expert ? shit.
No, No, And NO. From now on, I'll react badly to such questions. Or ignore them, We shall see.

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