Ramadan Ramadan...


So, It was yesterday, we decided to go and have our suhur in AlHussain, We expected to find loads of people, Closed streets due to cars, And so. But It was strange not to find things so bad, We moved from alaa's at 2:00 or was it 2:30 am ? I can't remember, Well perhaps due to that Mostafa Hussain took cups from the dish washer for pepsi without knowing that they are to be washed, Well, Manal told us this after we drank, Never mind.
So we went out, ezabi with no seat belts, My the guy who forgot his personal ID, Alaa and Manal in the car - Remind me to tell you that the car kept crying gasoline all the night, And ezabi tried hard to fix it s he can return home - DJ-KING and meeso took a taxi, It was nice, I ate like a donkey, I was home at 5:30, slept at 5:45.
Now here I am next day with no cigarettes ;-(
Isn't it amazing ? I wrote all this without a single bad word ? ;-)

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