The second step towards freedom


Still fighting for the passport, I went there to submit my papers to get a passport.
Sorry, But you can't have a passport.
Hell, Why ??
Because your ID has "student" written on it
So, I have the papers to proove that I've graduated.
Sorry, Go state that on your ID, Then you can get the passport.

Holly shit, They'll refuse to modify my job from student to whatever I want, My ID is old and it was cut into 2 pieces, I just want to say a word about IDs in Egypt. Long ago we had paper IDs, A few years ago they started to do the new plastic credit card size IDs.

So, I'll have to get the new ID, We have 2 ways to get them, The normal way which takes from 2 to 3 weeks, And the fast way which takes a few days, You pay 75 LE for the 2nd one, And 15 LE for the 1st one
I'll get the fast one, said to myself, I went there to get it, NO sir, You can't get a new ID. FUCK, Why ? The old ID you have is no good, Do you have a valid passport ??
Now what! I want the ID to get a passport, And they want the passport for the ID.
So, I must have a valid passport, Or a driving license "why aren't the GPL'ed ??" or a good ID.
Finally the solution was to get them the application I filled Eight YEARS ago to get my old no good ID.
So, I went tonight to get the new ID at last, The problem with taking my photo was simply, You are very wight, The photo won't be good, So I had to sit down in front of 2 754785765876 wats lamps for 10 minutes till they were able to take a nice photo, I hope I'll get the ID as they said on Wednesday, If everything goes correct, I'll have my passport on Wednesday or Thursday.

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