A few days ago I came across Project GoneME, I like the idea, Though I don't use GNOME anymore, But I still like Gtk/Gnome Apps. than Qt/KDE apps.

But really what the GNOME developers are doing to GNOME is killing me, They are turning the nice thing into crap.

I'm not afraid of changing, Infact, I Like it!

I don't care much about flipping the OK/Cancel buttons in Gtk 2.x, But the new file selector, spatial Nautilus, The not new GConf, which is even worse than Micro$oft windowz registry, The plans about depending on C# and/or java, And meny other small things are really pressing on my nerves. What are you guys doing ? Stripping the applications from all the options ? You are gaining lusers not users this way, The lusers you are gaining are from the type: I want epiphany to open playboy when I think about whores!

WTH are you doing ? What was the problem with galeon ? Why epiphany ?? Just duplicate the effots and reinvent the wheel, why write a new library instead of GNet ?

I think that gnome 2.x framework is very good, but the functionality-stripped applications are bad.

Sorry guys, I remember I posted something like this @ gnomedesktop.org once.

Anyway, Hope I can contribute to the new project, Hope for the future!

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