A new theme...


Probably you can notice that ;-)

I still have to do a few things with javascript, Maybe I won't.

I guess I like the new colors, Someone deserves a big thank you for the basic logo especially when you know that she did the drawing on my iPAQ using the stylus. The rest was created using The GIMP and emacs. Emacs, The past, Present and future.

I wanted the theme to be pure CSS but I failed, I had to do the top part using tables and I'm telling you that it's UGLY.

Finally. IE, You suck *** *** ****, All various problems from float drops to breaking the semi-transparent PNG logo and forcing me to use a GIF one to doubling a div margin. While the first one was triggered by a resolution of 800*600, The last one was always happening.
Opera for windows had a very tiny problem with the small image in the top right of the footer but I'm ignoring it.

Drupal, I raise my non-Red Hat to everyone behind you. Easy theming, There might be problems due to the default drupal CSS but I was able to iron them out in a snap!

Windows, You suck, The colors aren't being displayed correctly, I don't know how or why but I don't really care.

I still need to reorganize a few things here and there but it takes time.

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