CLRSpell, My first and hopefully last VC++/.NET application.


So, The wordlist has been growing lately, We hit 250,000 words, I tried hard not to put incorrect words but a lot of incorrect words went in, Manual review doesn't seem right to me, It'll take years!

There's already an Arabic spell checker shipped with Microsoft Office 2003, Why not use it ?

I tried to do it manually but hell, No way!

I tried to discover how can it be coded, Neither VBA nor VC++ helped me, Of course it's me here as I'm not a windows developer at all.

Diaa Radwan, One of our LUG administrators and the master of talking proposed that I wait for him, He'll ask any .NET developer to do it, Long weeks with nothing from him.

BooDy, The only one I know with windows development background said that he doesn't have windows installed.

Mohammed Nabil is a sweet guy! He wrote something for me using mono, Maybe it was my stupidity that I wasn't able to compile and run it.

Now enough is enough! I'll code it, Google found something for me this time and here it is in the CVS, Now I really don't get the whole thing of .NET/CLR

I thought that you can use existing COM objects in VC++ applications and that's what I did, The point is that no COM object was available in the Visual Studio 2005 References window when I didn't enable CLR, Strange.

Now WTH is CLR ? And how can .NET tie all this ?

Did I really use .NET ? I think yes, So .NET is only the System classes and such things ? So what is CLR doing here ?

And god damn it! You have old syntax for CLR where you have to use pointers and for sure no one is using the standard C++ auto pointers, There's a new syntax where you have to use ^ instead of a *, If I understand right, The main(int argc, char *argv[]) works fine with the old syntax but not with the new!!

The problem is that most of the tutorials use pointers, They don't use the new syntax and no one is telling you about that.

No farther comment about me searching for the Microsoft::Office::Interop namespace and not finding it, How would I know that I neede to rerun the Office 2k3 setup and select .NET programmability "Sure the setup had to fail for a lot of times anbd don't ask me how!", Poor windows developers using pointers because the damn classes don't have copy constructors!

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