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From Rome to Helsinki

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Submitted by msameer on Mon, 31/12/2007 - 12:08pm

OK. I'm back to my HQ in Helsinki...

1) When flying to Rome, don't book a flight that will arrive there late at night.
2) When you are flying from Rome, don't book a flight on a Sunday and don't book it early. Busses are never on time and the frequency of trains is less so you might end up losing your flight.
3) Fucking morons can't run an airport.
4) I couldn't find anyone to ask for help.
5) The fucking morons change the gates without announcing and I discovered that by accident. I could've missed my 2nd flight.
6) Stupid Americans, please keep some energy to fight with your travel agency instead of fighting with me because you are so paranoid that you think I want to bypass you in the queue.
7) The fucking morons can't ask more people to be at the service point to handle emergencies.
8) No one knows anything in the fucking airport.
9) The Italian Cuisine is damn awesome. I don't believe I'm moving back to "Meal number 6 please...".
10) Rome is fantastic and you gotta love it... The city is marvelous and you discover great things as you walk.
11) The fucking morons at the airport delayed our Finnair flight and affected our Finnish reliability.
12) Sardinian cuisine is fucking fantastic and tasty. I never ate like this before.
13) The mixture of the 2 things is far better than eating each one of them alone.
14) I don't believe I liked that thing he offered us although similar thing is available in Egypt.
15) I'd have payed a 1000 euros if the restaurant owner had asked
16) If you don't have enough cash, you are doomed. They don't accept credit cards.
17) Corruption, the pub will be closed at a time depending on the owner relations with the police.
18) The girl from Bosnia was pretty.
19) I don't believe she changed her religion to Christianity just to drink!
20) They offer drinks in plastic containers. There's nothing better than broken glass on the floor.
21) Please please believe me when I say that I'm from Egypt even if I don't look like one. It's not that I hate other nationalities but it's because it's me.
22) The pub was very small.
23) I fucking ate falafel from a Syrian guy. Awesome.
24) Alaa, please don't interfere with my food. I don't like chili!
25) And again, the shoes is important, you'd better wear it even though you can still walk without it.
26) How come Rome is colder than Helsinki ?
27) I still want to get married :-)
28) This line has been left blank on purpose...
29) I'm sure I have more to say.
30) Happy 2008
31) I wish 2008 will be like 2006


Submitted by alaa@www.manalaa.net on Mon, 31/12/2007 - 7:59pm

نورتنا و ان كنت جيبت البرد معاك

أما المواصلات فيا ريت تقول للناس اللي مش مصدقة أن مواصلات مصر أحسن من مواصلات ايطاليا

Submitted by ألف (not verified) on Wed, 09/01/2008 - 11:04pm

يا صايع يا بتاع روما و هلسنكي.
هو أنت صحيح من مصر؟ أمال شكلك كدا ليه!
و إيه كابتشا YMCA ال أنت حاططتها دي!
دي حلها برمجية معتمدة على كود زي بتاع ASCII art و بعدين يتعملها OCR،و ترجع ثاني حروف..هيتسخم عليك يعني هيستخم عليك.

Submitted by msameer on Wed, 09/01/2008 - 11:06pm

la2 men Germany ya handasa :)

Submitted by Italy Guy (not verified) on Sun, 20/07/2008 - 6:47am

Maybe next time you can visit the Amalfi Coast. :D

Amalfi Coast

It's a lovely place (especially Positano)

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