An Imagination of a hypothetical LUG.


I'm writing here my imagination about a hypothetical LUG that was formed once in a bad place, We shall see what happened...

This place is called "El-3omraneia", What a geeky name!
Despite the name, Being in this country is enough to kill all your dreams and hopes.

If you have a detailed look at the ppl there you'll find a guy, Let's call him F00, So he is called F00, And others should call him F00, I don't know this guy and i'm not held responcible if there is a guy called F00 anywhere. This guy was puked on all DOS and winblowz versions out there, DOS 6.22, Winblowz 3.11, 95, 98, 98 2nd edition, NT 4.0, 2K, Me, XP!

At that time he was using a real -that's what it was supposed to be- GNU/Linux distro called "The pink dragon wearing a hat." after monthes of using a toy called winlinux2000 "I can hear him saying YUK! -on both distros BTW-", He found a LUG, He was happy cause he didn't know what it'll end to.
So, F00 joined the LUG full of joy, And started to discover things. The founder, Mr.|-|4rb4n was a very nice guy using Micro$oft Outlook "Or was it Outlook Express?" And used to write in green ink on white wallpaperz, Ahh great sensation so people can't read what he is saying unless they are really interested.

Another face, The guy responsible for the host, He is a very nice guy so I won't talk about him, And won't talk about the emailz moderator who used to ask ppl to give him the r00t passwords for their b0>

Apparently everything was going fine, F00 also met a !337 933| selling toys modeled like a famous distro called Mandrake, So F00 woke up oneday grabbing Mandrake CDz as a giFT from 3030, How did they reach him ? I asked him this question just to find out that he went to a place where he found a nice guy and he took them from him with some pirated software, Thanks.

Days passing...

F00 was using Mandy "Sorry all westlife loverz, Hey! why don't we turn on _Gqview_ and listen to it ? Not now ? OK".

F00 heard about a distro. called D'aniab "The teeth!, But it was actually a swhirl", He was sitting on his 4$$ to try it.

So he asked on the list and asked the list moderator, but he couldn't get it! Ugh, that's bad.

So F00 continued with Mandy "Shadows of a man, A face throw window, Crying in the night... To morning's just another day".

At that time a forum appeared, No one know how, It appeared from the vacuum, It was cooked without any knowledge, Shit! We'll have to use this thing.

The main topic on the forum was: How to be able to use the sm56 under GNU/Linux.

F00 became an SM himself, Not an SM56 you stupid rotten bucket of mango.

Appeared the Lord of death, he used to post to post.

To be completed...............

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