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Arabeyes core elections.

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Submitted by msameer on Mon, 25/10/2004 - 8:28pm

So after having hard time with Shereef Nagy trying to let him run, I decided to run too, Maybe cause I gave him my word.
Shereef Is a hard worker though he doesn't understand what problem he is getting himself into ;-)
Anyway, Here is My plan:

Ok, I hate to write, And i won't write anything.
All what I can say is that I believe in arabeyes, though the way we are doing things suck, I also believe that the arab community is shit and that they won't do anything and that they should be all burned alive.
Anyway, As I always try to do what I can so when I stop doing no one can blame me, I'll nominate myself too. I don't think that I can do much, I don't think that I'll have much free time in the future, But I'll try to spare what I can for arabeyes.

After modifying my blurb to:
I think that since arabeyes is beyond all of the volunteers there, That's one.
The 2nd thing is that I feel I can give something to arabeyes, I do understand how things work inside arabeyes, And I think that I have enough free time to give.

When It comes to putting Arabic on the GNU/Linux desktop, I think that I can do it well by trying to facilitate it and providing/fixing/optimizing the i18n framework for Arabic.

I decided NOT to run, I'm in a bad mood these days, Maybe I can't take good decisions, But that's why I don't want to get myself into something that I won't be able to cope with.

I also remembered: "Treat your people using your own thoughts, And with what your mind is saying, Not with what your heart is saying"

Being a core is like giving a word, You'll have to be responsible for it, I think that I can give arabeyes what a core can give and still not being a core member, But I'm not sure I can do what I promised to when I'm a core.

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