Accept it ?


Apologies Accepted now after Sorry Everybody and We Are Not Sorry. Sorry Sorry Sorry, What the hell ? Does it really matter ? Or what'd this change ?
Yes guys good/bad feelings, Now what ? what has changed ? what'd change ? We are as we are, You are as you are.
I'm supposed to be - in my own opinion - one of the first people to feel what you are saying/doing and to be affected by the good thing you've done, And to realize that there is nothing you can do except this.
But I find myself unable to do this. To feel sorry is a good thing, But the people dying out there due to Bush's stupidities are still dying. The people being killed are still being killed, The people being tortured are still in the same situation. The people you, not you! occupied their lands are still suffering.
No guys I'm unable to accept such an apology, Maybe people like me are not meant by your apology. But still I am unable to accept it.
I don't know since when do I care about other people suffering that much, But there is something strange in my mind these days and REALLY i don't know what the hell it's. Anyway, What you can do is to say sorry, And what I can do is say guys, I fully appreciate it, And Thanks for feeling sorry, And I'm sorry for what I've said earlier.
I know where I want to go, And I'll be there oneday, Thanks guys.

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