The 4th step towards freedom!


This is a 4 days thing too ;-)
This started the last Saturday, I decided to go stamp my graduation certificate from the ministry of exterior, Actually you stamp them from a kiosk which is not in a very clean place ;)
My faculty gives you a temporarily certification, After the final results, And another permanent one, Which you can obtain after approximately 1 year.
I had the temporarily ones, And I decided to go stamp them.
OK, Off to the kiosk, No you have to stamp it from Cairo university.
No no, Go to the place near faculty of applied arts, Took the car and went there.
I found a nice guy in front of the building and decided to ask him as i didn't know the place, He told me to wake along, "Fuck that guy! This was the place and this guy was drunk maybe", I said to myself when I realized that it was the place.
Went there, No, The photos on the certificate must be stamped from the back. Guys, It's stamped from the front side part on the photo and part on the paper itself. NO, Go stamp the backside, These are the rules.
OK, Off to the faculty, Got them stamped in 2 minutes, Went back, Guys they are stamped now, Nice, now wait.
I had to wait for about 40 minutes till I've got my papers stamped, And the whore responsible for stamping them kept talking with her neighbor and going through some papers on her desk without doing anything useful.
Off to the kiosk again, Thank god no people were there waiting to get their papers stamped, Finished in 5 minutes, Back home.
Next day, Sunday, I decided to go to the faculty to get the permanent certification and stamp it, I was there just to know that the people responsible weren't there. Why ? One of them is on her vacation and the other one went to the hospital. Back home.
Next day, Monday, I was there, But whatever I did, I wasn't able to find someone to give me the damn paper. I found a guy who told me: Look, Both of will be here tomorrow.
The forth day, Which which was Tuesday, I was there, 5 minutes and I had the paper after paying 15 pounds, Off to the building beside the applied arts collage, She told me to wait for 30 minutes to get the papers stamped, After 35 minutes I found that they are waiting for the guy to do the final step which to revise everything "He was praying, Can't say anything ;-)". after another 5 minutes or so, I had it, Had to stamp it from 2 rooms "actually a guy did all this for me and took 10 pounds. He also handled the papers the 1st time, But my father gave him 2 pounds, But i didn't have change."
Off to the kiosk, Oh! So many people here, This'll take time, Thank god a guy whispered at me "Do you need anything from the kiosk ?". Yes, Take this and stamp it for me, The fees were supposed to be 11 pounds, He said they are 16. OK, No discussion, Take your damned 16 pounds and finish me.
5 minutes I had the paper stamped between my hands, As I wasn't sure about the fees, I decided to give him 2 pounds. I'd have waited long if it wasn't him "Actually, You'll find many guys like him here in Egypt in most offices, And they are useful if you ask me" ;-)
Done! Back to sleep :-)

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