Help me, RMS; you're my only hope.


Yesterday I've emailed RMS personally about what to do against xchat.
Trying to convince Peter failed, And he isn't replying to my emails anymore.
Yes the guy removed the patch, And I really feel it's a missing feature though it wasn't a big feature anyway. Maybe I should post it here so other distros might add it.
But It really hurts me that I helped a project violating the GPL to evolve.
Anyway, Talking with the FSF license violations guys lead to talking about trying to enforce the GPL by law and so.
In Egypt IMHO it's very hard or almost impossible to do something like this.
I really don't know what to do, So I've asked RMS whether this thing really matters, If he tells me to ignore the whole thing, I'll do it for the sake of the GNU, He knows more than I do regarding this case.
The problem now is that I need a graphical IRC client, And I don't like all of the KDE clients out there. I think I should try to free sometime and work more on my own GTK IRC client, It's currently an incomplete IRC handling library with a broken GUI.

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