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Asiasource 2005, The 1st day.

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Submitted by msameer on Fri, 28/01/2005 - 9:31am

Yesterday I had a little walk, Tried not to go deep near the bushes as there are snakes after the rain.
I slept at 2+ AM, I was searching for my luggage and found it, I wanted to take a bath but I didn't as I had no soap, So I decided not to do it now.
I went to the room, One of the guys there requested that we turn off the light, I had to find my things and wear them in the dark, Not a big problem.
The 1st day, We had a circle "square" meeting, I'm now writing after the coffee break.
I wasn't able to wake up at 7:30 as I wanted to, I woke up at 8:20.
I'll conmplete later as Gunner'll start talking now!
The 1st part was simply an Identification thing, Everyone said his name, From where and a word or two describing his feeling, Some said stone! some jumpy, some said confused, ...
Then we had the coffee break.
After it, We had the Spectrogram! It's simple as Gunner sais any controversial phrase, people must move accordingly and stay near a mark describing the % of agree or disagree.
"It's never OK tp use non-free software" Was the 1st one, I was the only one at the yes, Later someone joined. "You don't have control over it, You can't modify it. It's not a crime, But ethitically, I blame the users" I said when he asked me.

Imagine that the place we are in is recycling the sewage, What an environment friendly place.

The next: It's always OK to copy data.
I was confused, I stayed at the 25% agree sign, then I moved to the middle space between it and the 50% sign.
I was really confused as not all of my personal things are allowed to be published, Anyway Ended!

Some people started to speak
NGO problems and that they start hesitating when moving to FLOSS.
And that NGOs go to the computer market, They sell them whatever cause they dom't ubderstand anything.They did a thin clients setup to a schools, They were happy, but when it's time to move; No one is moving, They are hesitating.

Many other things were said, Among them a problem with localizing Linux to Bangladish if I remember correctly.
And the problems with wemen regarding IT.

FLOSS is not software also, it's also sharing knowleddgw, info, open sociaty, law, media, we can put together and market.

FLOSS is tasty meal, You have all oof the components not the meal.

Off to spicy food!

After food, I had to go to the bathroom, I haven't seen these bathrooms since ages! It's a good experience seeing your stool coming out!
Now here I'm at the media lab posting this, I still have to go to Hinde and get the agenda.
I handled them the ubuntu copy I have so now they need to burn 6 copies instead of 7!!!
I took a photo of our switch!

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