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Replacing the laptop harddisk.

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Submitted by msameer on Tue, 12/07/2005 - 2:28am

This should've been posted a few days ago.
I replaced the harddisk myself, Please take care that if you do this you'll lose the warrantee
Dad gave me his acer travel mate and took me Toshiba satellite.

[img_assist|fid=844|thumb=1|alt=The new one in a plastic bag]
[img_assist|fid=846|thumb=1|alt=Out of the plastic bag.]
[img_assist|fid=849|thumb=1|alt=Out of the plastic and antistatic coat.]
[img_assist|fid=851|thumb=1|alt=Take the old one out.]
[img_assist|fid=853|thumb=1|alt=The old and the new, Which is which ?]
[img_assist|fid=851|thumb=1|alt=Take the old one out.]
[img_assist|fid=857|thumb=1|alt=Prepare yourself for spinning.]
[img_assist|fid=859|thumb=1|alt=Laptop up and running now, Installing windows for my father.]
[img_assist|fid=861|thumb=1|alt=And GNU/Debian for myself.]

Please note that the manufacturers are smart, You shouldn't unscrew more than 2 screws to get to the harddisk because they don't want the maintenance guys to break anything. Find a blank lace on the side with a screw near it and start from there. for the toshiba one I had to unscrew only one screw which is in the other side of the CD-ROM and that's it. You'll find a plastic strip and the drive'll come out easely if u gently pull it.
In the acer one the harddisk is visible if you take the battery out.

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