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Katoob releases.

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Submitted by msameer on Fri, 04/11/2005 - 7:37am

Unless I change my mind later, Which is not going to happen IMHO, I won't release a new version of Katoob.

I'll silently take a CVS snapshot and upload it to debian. I'll also keep such releases here.

This means that if you want to follow up with it you have 3 options.
1) Switch to debian.
2) Regularly update your CVS snapshot and build your binary or watch the above directory regularly. I'll also announce it here.
3) Get someone to build you a packag for your distro.

Now why is that ?
I'm lazy.
I don't feel like tagging the CVS, Generating tarballs, Building a debian package, Uploading all this to sourceforge and creating a release, Updating the freshmeat record, Emailing both the arabeyes developer and announce mailing lists,Wait for the announce to be approved. Update te arabeyes project page and link to the announcement email.

Islam is using Gentoo, He's already compiling from source for phaeronix.

Debian users are handled fine ;-)

Mandrake/Mandriva users ? May god help them ;-)

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