The status block!


That's the script.

You can run it using cron every hour or so, It should generate an HTML page like this.

Simply include it in a block like the one down there on the left and you have a basic status monitor.

Sure it needs tweaking as it's reporting that MySQL is down while it's not because you are reading this thing now, But I won't do it now since I know that both MySQL and Apache are up on Naboo!

Actually this inspired me to create a full set of server/services and network monitoring tools based on drupal and the SMS gateway API module for drupal. Not sure that I'll do it since I already have a script that should SMS me whenever the server is about to run out of disk space.

Another thing is that All the drupal modules'll depend on both Apache and MySQL being up.

I guess we'll then need another PERL script to check for them.

But If I'll create the perl script then I can extend it to do all the checks and SMS me upon a problem. So we don't need the drupal modules ?;-)

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