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Africa source 2, 1st day.

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Submitted by msameer on Sat, 07/01/2006 - 8:56pm

It all started in the airport.
After the check in and everything, We found that the flight will have a 1 hour delay.
Had the worst cappuccino and pizza ever.
Thomas cook didn't have dollars!! Only Euros.

Up and down, asking, coming and going, in continuous sleep. ...........
We knew that the airport is closed because of bad weather.

At the end, The flight took of at 8 am instead of 3 am!!!
Probably we missed the other flight to Uganda but they delayed
the flight for us until we reach Addis ababa ;-)
In addis ababa we met Arun and fred along with a new cool Africa Source guy.
He's still studying and has his own company !!! Gotta talk to him again.

It's amazing how I can drink coffee and sleep immediatly ;-)

In the 1st flight, I asker for chicken and beef for the 2nd one.

Now I have a question: How can a muslim ensure that this beef is halal ?
No answer!

At the hotel we met a lot of other people, No one from TTC yet.

Tomorrow "after a few hours from now as it's already +12 here ;-)" We'll
be going to the venue.

To the middle of the town to exchange some money.

It's strange that they have the same driving habits here, But looks like
the micro-busses are behaving in a better way.
They also drive on the left side of the street "damn!"

The interesting thing here is that the greater the currency banknote you give
to the guy, The greater the exchange rate you'll get even if you exchange
a small portion.

Anyway, back to the hotel.

I had a walk around and guess what ? I hit a prostitute.
Her from Roanda IIRC and her father died probably, Her mother is in some funky country. She's an Ugandan passport and work as a tailor. She design clothes.

Her boyfriend left her and went to work in south Africa.
Her baby is with her mother now,

I went to her to here place which wasn't far away. We spend a few minutes there
"No, Nothing happened, You know me".
We went to walk around and then back to the hotel where I found all the
people worried about me and my supper is cold.

I invited her to a beer, This was my second beer today and the strange thing that I wasn't able to complete it "we had to exchange money to pay for the 1st one ;-)".

She insisted to go to my room, I refused and even if I didn't, They won't
allow her inside.

At 12 or so, I walked her to the gate, Gave her a hug. She wanted to go to my room
But I'm not really planning for this and even if I do, It's not allowed.
She then asked me whether I'll go with her home, I said No!
She asked for money to buy beer and a candle but I told her that I don't
have. She lives in a place with no electricity and she's using candles.

We talked about a lot of things, Life, Egypt, Love, Politics, War in her country, ...
She was fond of my hair ;-)

She told me that I'm handsome! Well, I don't believe I'm and I won't believe
it more when a prostitute is telling me this!

BTW: She's 23, I have pictures of her ;-)

Good night, I have to wake up early!


Submitted by CVirus (not verified) on Sat, 07/01/2006 - 11:27pm

Are you sure you havent touched the gurl :-p ?

Submitted by Alif (not verified) on Tue, 10/01/2006 - 1:00pm

United Colours of Africa

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