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Submitted by msameer on Wed, 06/04/2005 - 6:41pm

  • I don't know how or what can I write about myself.
  • I'm a 35 years old Egyptian human being ;-)
  • I graduated from faculty of pharmacy. Currently I'm working in a company providing solutions and services based on FLOSS and GNU/Linux.
  • I consider myself one of the people behind GNU/Linux in Egypt, During my participation in Linux Egypt or after we forked and created EGLUG
  • I'm an EGLUG co-founder.
  • I'm involved with arabeyes, The GNU/Linux arabization project.
  • Guess I'm helpful, But be aware that I don't give private support, And no support for the DOS extension called windows.
  • Be careful, I'm dangerous, I'm moody, I can easely swear at you. But also I think I'm usually sad and maybe unhappy. But I'm faithful and I can be dealt with in an easy way!
  • I'm a coder C, perl, php, bash, HTML, little C++
  • I'm addected to GNU/Linux. the internet, GNU/Linux and FLOSS in general.
  • More to be added ;-)
Here's a short bio, my resume, and my GPG key.
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