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ياما انت كريم يا رب

Submitted by msameer on Wed, 21/09/2005 - 2:52am

At last after 2 days I was able to get eGroupWare to play nice with OpenLDAP. Authentication and howto.
I also came acros

Boring 2

Submitted by msameer on Mon, 05/09/2005 - 4:58pm




Submitted by msameer on Sun, 04/09/2005 - 4:40pm

Boring day, Staying here in the office browsing the net, Reading blogs and emails and not doing anything useful.

Waiting for the chairman to come back to Egypt so I can leave this job at last.


Someone tell her to shut up!

Submitted by msameer on Thu, 01/09/2005 - 11:39am

Someone tell that creature called gihan (Our !beloved admin. assistant) to lower her voice while talking to other people. To STOP shouting and fighting with other people on the phone while in the office or to close her room door.


I hate it when...

Submitted by msameer on Fri, 26/08/2005 - 3:16pm

When I'm about to finish a project and suddenly:
Boss: I've noticed that you are using XXX for the name, Unfortunately We can't use XXX because of the trademarks and so.

Now let's think about it, He'd noticed which means that he had a chance to tell me from the beginning.


Fight with the chairman.

Submitted by msameer on Thu, 11/08/2005 - 1:13pm

Because of what I wrote.

Is it the end of volunteer work for me ?

Submitted by msameer on Wed, 10/08/2005 - 9:00pm

I don't know.
Looks like EGLUG is not doing well. People don't try to do anything.
The lug just turned into an inactive stupid piece of nonsense.
People in Egypt don't respect volunteers.


Submitted by msameer on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 9:55am

I'm jobless at last. My last day'll be the 24th of this month.

I really wasn't able to stand working there aymore so this was a must.

Here's my resume, If someone can find me a job, Then please do ;-)


My resume at last!

Submitted by msameer on Thu, 30/06/2005 - 12:10pm

And here it is at last, Though I'm not searching for a job now. But any offers are welcomed ;-)


Ezabi's last day.

Submitted by msameer on Tue, 28/06/2005 - 11:52am
Ezabi'll no more be with us. Lucky!
Ezabi's last day (1).
Ezabi's last day (2).
Ezabi's last day (3).