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How did I cast my vote for the EGLUG administration elections ?

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Submitted by msameer on Tue, 28/02/2006 - 7:19pm

I had a few points to consider:

  • Familiarity with drupal as it's the CMS behind EGLUG, Of course familiarity with drupal means that the person is either a coder which is a good thing or at least familiar with drupal which is still a good thing.
  • Familiarity with the drupal API which is needed if we are to write EGLUG specific modules. We are already using some custom modules.
  • For the future, I don't see EGLUG moving away from drupal, Even if this happened, I still guess it'll be a php platform.
  • Experience with server administration and configuration, This is not really that important as it's unlikely that EGLUG will have its own server,
  • The ability to reasonably handle the administration tasks.

The above criteria are the ones I decided to apply on each candidate.

1 Alienbrain
The guy is familiar with drupal and the drupal API, He's a hard-core php guy.
He knows how to manage a GNU/Linux server, He already did some work for EGLUG
Even before being a senior user, He ported the modules used by EGLUG to drupal

2 MSameer
I'm familiar with the drupal API, Wrote some modules either for myself or for
EGLUG. I've been an administrator since I the beginning of EGLUG, I'm not a php
wizard but I know how to get things done. I also have fair knowledge in managing
GNU/Linux servers. Why did I gave myself 2 ? It's because I don't have much time.
And because I still think that the need for drupal familiar people is more
than the need for server admins "Well, Me and Amr are also server admins ;-)"

3 Phaeronix
The hardware wizard and the guy behind what I'd like to call "EGLUG official
love CD" and "The best Egyptian hardware support under GNU/Linux"
Islam is not really a coder, He's a bug hunter. I think he has free time for
EGLUG, I'm not sure about his php and/or drupal skills. But I know that there
is a great mind inside his skull. I guess he has good experience when it
comes to servers.

4 DarKnesS_WolF
The talented rise in the GNU/Linux world "Might not be true :-)"
even if he doesn't realize that ;-)
I'd say that the best thing about him is his ability to RTFM, RTFM, RTFM, ...
He's not a coder but he is fine with GNU/Linux on the server side.

5 Pronco
From what he said, He seems to be fine with drupal and CSS, I also *think* that
pronco has a fair knowledge about GNU/Linux despite the fact that he was running
windows 2003 server :-)
I did put him here because I never feel he's there participating in general
Which makes me fear he might not have enough time.

6 Conceptor
Yes Diaa might be a GNU/Linux hard-core administrator, But He's only an
administrator, With the above 5 candidates I guess we won't need an
administrator as I still think that it's unlikely for EGLUG to get her own
server. Also diaa was one of the least active in the last administration team.
He's always saying that he is doing events and so, The fact that he's unable to
realize is that all what he is doing is great but it's not related to the
duties required from an administrator. Looks like diaa wanted to help but
I have no idea why isn't he. He's always saying nonsense about not having
enough permissions on the server to do the administrative duties, Yet you
get to know that he's saying nonsense when you discuss it farther with him.

7 ramez.hanna
Ramez is my friend, He's a hard-core administrator and he's a php coder.
I'm not sure about his familiarity with drupal. I'm just putting him here
because an administration team candidate who posts his skill list after the
start of the elections despite the calls on the forum can either be:
* One with no time at all which renders him unsuitable for the team.
* One who doesn't respect the community which makes him unsuitable too.

Finally, This is my own opinion regarding the suitability of the candidates for
that particular position and this is how I've casted my vote.
I didn't post this before although EGLUG rules don't apply here. It's just because
A lot of people might be reading my blog and I felt I might be affecting the elections result and it might be considered campaigning and I don't like it. Play by the rules ;-)

Anyway, To all the above people, This is not my opinion in you in general and this has nothing to do with our personal relations and I don't want anyone of you to discuss what I wrote about you.


Submitted by DarKnesS_WolF (not verified) on Tue, 28/02/2006 - 7:43pm

yes u said about me is not true ;-) i'm not a riseing anything and but i know that i'm nothing ;-) about "I don't want anyone of you to discuss what I wrote about you." hummm donn i love to mess around ;-)

Submitted by Phaeronix (not verified) on Wed, 01/03/2006 - 12:01am

I shudder to think of my skull lying polished in one of the cupboards in the anatomy museum at college. :)

Submitted by همس شات (not verified) on Wed, 08/08/2007 - 7:37pm

good post

Submitted by 月餅 (not verified) on Thu, 09/08/2007 - 8:45am

I shudder to think of my skull lying polished in one of the cupboards in the anatomy museum at college. :)

Submitted by musei milano (not verified) on Thu, 17/04/2008 - 8:24pm

I like the the logic you've applied to each. Seems to make sense.

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