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GNU/Linux Egyptian User Group related.

Stepping back from the EGLUG.org admin team.

Submitted by msameer on Wed, 08/03/2006 - 4:57pm

It has been a pleasure being an EGLUG administrator for the past time. However,
I feel that I'm not qualified as an admin - at least for some people here - and
that I don't really have much time.

I was the one who posted that the previous team wasn't really doing their job.
I thought that having a new team will ease things a bit, I ran for the elections
for mainly 2 reasons:
1) I believe that I was among the active half of the team and that I can still give.
2) I thought about giving a hand to the new admins.

It looks like I'm being personally attacked - or that's what I think - and people
are judging me for all the problems for the last 9 days.

When people start to saying that they did X and Y instead of the current team and
then I'm sorry, That's not a place for me.

A lot of people don't think that I can say that I'm mistaken when I'm really, This
is not true and I do have the ability to do it as long as the other parts admit
their mistake, But getting accused for the bad performance of the new team is something
I can't accept.

I also can't accept when I'm volunteering for something and people start to judge me
about stupid things.

I might also be mistaken this time but I don't care anymore.

I declare my stepping back from the current admin team. Please admins, Take the required
steps for the hand over. I'm also welling to stay until you find a replacement for me
per the charter rules.

Sorry, I don't have enough time for EGLUG yet people expect more from me and...

Best Regards,

How did I cast my vote for the EGLUG administration elections ?

Submitted by msameer on Tue, 28/02/2006 - 7:19pm

I had a few points to consider:

  • Familiarity with drupal as it's the CMS behind EGLUG, Of course familiarity with drupal means that the person is either a coder which is a good thing or at least familiar with drupal which is still a good thing.
  • Familiarity with the drupal API which is needed if we are to write EGLUG specific modules. We are already using some custom modules.
  • For the future, I don't see EGLUG moving away from drupal, Even if this happened, I still guess it'll be a php platform.
  • Experience with server administration and configuration, This is not really that important as it's unlikely that EGLUG will have its own server,
  • The ability to reasonably handle the administration tasks.

The above criteria are the ones I decided to apply on each candidate.

1 Alienbrain
The guy is familiar with drupal and the drupal API, He's a hard-core php guy.
He knows how to manage a GNU/Linux server, He already did some work for EGLUG
Even before being a senior user, He ported the modules used by EGLUG to drupal

2 MSameer
I'm familiar with the drupal API, Wrote some modules either for myself or for
EGLUG. I've been an administrator since I the beginning of EGLUG, I'm not a php
wizard but I know how to get things done. I also have fair knowledge in managing
GNU/Linux servers. Why did I gave myself 2 ? It's because I don't have much time.
And because I still think that the need for drupal familiar people is more
than the need for server admins "Well, Me and Amr are also server admins ;-)"

3 Phaeronix
The hardware wizard and the guy behind what I'd like to call "EGLUG official
love CD" and "The best Egyptian hardware support under GNU/Linux"
Islam is not really a coder, He's a bug hunter. I think he has free time for
EGLUG, I'm not sure about his php and/or drupal skills. But I know that there
is a great mind inside his skull. I guess he has good experience when it
comes to servers.

4 DarKnesS_WolF
The talented rise in the GNU/Linux world "Might not be true :-)"
even if he doesn't realize that ;-)
I'd say that the best thing about him is his ability to RTFM, RTFM, RTFM, ...
He's not a coder but he is fine with GNU/Linux on the server side.

5 Pronco
From what he said, He seems to be fine with drupal and CSS, I also *think* that
pronco has a fair knowledge about GNU/Linux despite the fact that he was running
windows 2003 server :-)
I did put him here because I never feel he's there participating in general
Which makes me fear he might not have enough time.

6 Conceptor
Yes Diaa might be a GNU/Linux hard-core administrator, But He's only an
administrator, With the above 5 candidates I guess we won't need an
administrator as I still think that it's unlikely for EGLUG to get her own
server. Also diaa was one of the least active in the last administration team.
He's always saying that he is doing events and so, The fact that he's unable to
realize is that all what he is doing is great but it's not related to the
duties required from an administrator. Looks like diaa wanted to help but
I have no idea why isn't he. He's always saying nonsense about not having
enough permissions on the server to do the administrative duties, Yet you
get to know that he's saying nonsense when you discuss it farther with him.

7 ramez.hanna
Ramez is my friend, He's a hard-core administrator and he's a php coder.
I'm not sure about his familiarity with drupal. I'm just putting him here
because an administration team candidate who posts his skill list after the
start of the elections despite the calls on the forum can either be:
* One with no time at all which renders him unsuitable for the team.
* One who doesn't respect the community which makes him unsuitable too.

Finally, This is my own opinion regarding the suitability of the candidates for
that particular position and this is how I've casted my vote.
I didn't post this before although EGLUG rules don't apply here. It's just because
A lot of people might be reading my blog and I felt I might be affecting the elections result and it might be considered campaigning and I don't like it. Play by the rules ;-)

Anyway, To all the above people, This is not my opinion in you in general and this has nothing to do with our personal relations and I don't want anyone of you to discuss what I wrote about you.


Submitted by msameer on Tue, 07/02/2006 - 12:03pm

I know that Sherif doesn't know C++ but I wanted to say it anyway ;-)

[13:40] <MSameer> hmmmmmm, anyone into C++ ? ;)
[13:41] <Sherif_> MSameer: me me me me me m
[13:41] <MSameer> Sherif_: heh
[13:41] <MSameer> Sherif_: I have a class template
[13:41] <MSameer> template <class T>
[13:41] <Sherif_> yes and ?
[13:41] <MSameer> class Foo {
[13:42] <MSameer> };
[13:42] <MSameer> I want to create a std::map
[13:42] <Sherif_> urpmi std::map
[13:42] <MSameer> if I do like this: std::map<int, Foo> values;
[13:42] <MSameer> the compiler complains
[13:42] <Sherif_> or usi cpan to install the perl :P
[13:42] <MSameer> heh
[13:42] <Sherif_> MSameer: compiler ?
[13:42] <Sherif_> MSameer: did u turn it off and on again ?
[13:43] <MSameer> Sherif_: ca I post this on foolab ? ;)
[13:43] <Sherif_> MSameer: loooooooooool sure :)

وداعا 2005

Submitted by msameer on Mon, 02/01/2006 - 1:12pm

ساصر على الكتابة بالعربية هذه المرة

عام 2005 لم يكن عاما عاديا بلنسبة لى
بل كان مشحونا بالاحداث و النجاح و الفشل و القلق و الحزن و ...

لا مش هاكتب فصحى
عايز اعبر عن نفسى احسن

على مستوى العمل التطوعى و البرمجيات الحرة

رحت الهند اول السة للمشاركة فى معسكر TTC كممثل عن عربايز بالرغم من عدم كونى عضو فى الفريق التنيمى

شاء القدر بعد ذلك ان انضم الى الفريق التنظيمى و لكننى قررت تركه بعدها بعدة اشهر بعد ان فاض بى

المهم كنت ضمن الفريق الذى يحاول نقل خبرات اقلمة localization البرامج الى لحارين

مهرجان البرامج الحرة و التنمية الذى قامت بتنظيمه مجموعة مستخدمى جنو لينوكس مصر بالتعاون مع مركز مجتمع المعرفة و ذلك بعد المساعدة فى انشاء مركز الكمبيوتر المعتمد على البرامج الحرة فى منشية ناصر

التنمية العربية و تجربة التعاون مع الجامعة لتدريس جنو لينوكس

مؤخرا حاجتين
ساطير الى اوغندا فى غضون ايام للماركة فى معسكر ممال لما كان فى الهند لكنه خاص بافريقيا
و قبل ذلك الاجتماع التحضيرى لحدث مماثل فى المنطقة العربية

حضرت ايضا الانحسار الخاص بمجموعة جنو لينوكس مصر بالرغم ن محاولة احاءها بيوم اللينوكس فى شهر سبتمبر لكن اعترف اننا فشلنا هذا العام فشل ذريع!

رحت الاردن فى شهر 7 اللى فات اتكلم هناك عن البرااامج لحرة و عن حالة البرامج من حيث الاقلمة

طب اكتب شويه عن نفسى
انا من الناحية التقنية اعتقد غير انا من سنه فاتت مش هاقول تفاصيل اكتر علشان ماحدش يزهق

بس السنة دى شهدت تحول foolab.org و home.foolab.org الى امتدادات شخصية لى و الربط بين الاثنين اصبح اكثر

اذكر فى احد الايام كنت امر بعدة مشاكل فى نفس الوقت و كانت القشة التى قصمت ظهر البعي هى مشكلة على السيرفر


تقنيا انا ممكن اكو ابتديت اعمل حاجا مبهرة لنفسى بالرغم من انها ليس لها تاثير كبير

كنت شغال اول السنة فى IT Synergy و انتهى بى العام فى OpenCraft و الفرق بين الاثنين شاسع بدون الدخل فى تفاصيل لان هذه اسرار عمل

المؤسف انىتركت IT Synergy و انا كاره لها
ما اقدرش انك انى اتعلمت كتير منها "مش تقنيا" لك كاسلوب تعامل و تصرف و حياة بالرغم من ان هناك اشياء لم استطع تطيقها و ادت الى فشل التجربه لكن اقدر اقول ان التاثيرات الايجابية كانت كتير و الكثير منها اثر فى فلسفتى الخاصة فى الحياة " التى اكتشفت كم هى ربة بعدها بعدة شهور!" كثير من المواقف كانت تحدث و كانت تتطلب تحليل ليس على مستى العمل فقط و انما على المستوى الشخصى ايضا
شكرا يوسف بالرغم من تالم لفقدك كصديق لكا اسعدنى اللقاء معك بالامس لانى قد بدات استعيدك مرة اخرى... و كفى!

من الناحية الانسانية OpenCraft اجمل

حد اهم الاكتشافات هى ان "الفلوس مش كل حاجة" فى فرق كبير ان الواحد يكون عارف كده نظرى و انه يجربه عملى

المحطة اللى قبل كده كمان كانت فى الهند
الاقى نفسى فجا لوحدى فى مكان من غير تشجيع من احد بالرغم من ان كل شىء يتحرك بالقصور الذاتى"
لا اتعلمت كتير يمكن حاجات م قادر اوصفها بس خبرة فى التعامل مع الناس وفى نشر البرامج الحرة و فى بناء مجتمعات
خبرة غريبة

ى مارس كان مؤتمر البرامج الحرة و التنمية و وقفت اتكلمت امام 80 مستمع
حاجه عمرى ما عملتها و اكيد دى ساعدتنى فى الاردن و خليتنى يوم اللينوكس اقف من نفسى و اشرح للناس تاريخ الجنو لينوكس و اكلمهم ليه هو مهم.

فى مارس كمان كانت اول مره اعيط من فوق السنة لما خلص فضلت ماسك نفسى بالعافيةلحد لما وصلنا عن علاء و انفجرت فى البلكونه
كرهت كل حاجة الدنيا و العيشة و الشغل و ابرامج الحرة و كل حاجه
ياس تام لانى مش ممكن اشوفها تانى
و لما شفتها بعد كده بشهور اكتشفت انه مش نافع. او نافع مش عارف لحد الان
افتكر ان تانى يوم كنت هافرقع فى اى حد يقترب منى فى المرتين

اكتشفت بعد كده انى حرام ارتبط بواحده لان مع الاسف شايف انى مش ممكن اسعدها. و دى برضو عملالى شكله
دى مشكله هاتفضل كتير لحد ما اعرف احلها

2005 يا 2005 ايه تانى ؟
قررت ان ابدا مشروع لبرمجة مدقق املائى عربى ر لان مع الاسف واضح ان مش هايتعمل لو انا ماعملتوش
انا حبل افكارى انقطع
كفاية كده

From Arab Source to Africa Source.

Submitted by msameer on Sun, 18/12/2005 - 9:09am

Arab source brainstorming meeting is over. I'm tired, My left eye is stillhurting.
I really need a vacation as I didn't spend an hour at home during the last2 days except to sleep.

Being busy didn't give me time for my personal feelings, I guess this might be good.

The participants were cool, With a few small exceptions; I guess it was fine.

Now I need to prepare my Uganda trip.

He is STUPID, I swear.

Submitted by msameer on Thu, 24/11/2005 - 11:37pm

When I say that certain places in this world are characterized by stupid people, No one should blame me. And here's a proof!

[00:43] --> You are now talking on #eglug
[00:47] <SmartUnix> hmmmmmmm what about my problem now , what should i don't
[00:47] <SmartUnix> do *
[00:48] <MSameer> SmartUnix: wat is your problem ?
[00:48] <SmartUnix> i can't install SuSE
[00:49] <MSameer> SmartUnix: can't install is a vague thing, what's EXACTLY your problem ?
[00:49] <xfree> SmartUnix,more info please>>>>
[00:49] <SmartUnix> ok , it's SuSE Linux 10 , i try to install it in 5 GB partition
[00:50] <SmartUnix> it's Toshiba laptop
[00:50] <SmartUnix> A10 , pantuim 4 2.0 GHz
[00:50] <xfree> SmartUnix, is this L10 or so stalitte
[00:50] <SmartUnix> it's satellite
[00:51] <MSameer> SmartUnix: we don't care about the laptop, we care bout your problem, give us more details please
[00:51] <SmartUnix> when i install SuSE it's hang , stop
[00:52] <MSameer> SmartUnix: hang when ?
[00:52] <MSameer> during the boot, during the install, ..........
[00:52] <SmartUnix> when it's install package
[00:53] <MSameer> SmartUnix: during package installation ? in the beginning or in the middle ?
[00:53] <xfree> SmartUnix, try other DVD
[00:53] <SmartUnix> in the beginning
[00:53] <SmartUnix> it's install some package
[00:53] <SmartUnix> then it's jang
[00:53] <SmartUnix> hang *
[00:53] <MSameer> SmartUnix: is the CD damaged ?
[00:54] <SmartUnix> i don't know
[00:54] <xfree> SmartUnix, did you have other PC
[00:54] <SmartUnix> yes but it's old
[00:54] <MSameer> SmartUnix: try to copy all the cd contents to your hard drive to verify
[00:55] <SmartUnix> ok then what should i do
[00:55] <MSameer> SmartUnix: then tell us whether it worked or not :P
[00:56] <MSameer> if the cd is damaged then that's it, otherwise we gotta thing of other reasons
[00:56] <SmartUnix> :D do you mean i copy cd contents then ?
[00:57] <MSameer> ?
[00:57] <SmartUnix> you say this
[00:57] <SmartUnix> "try to copy all the cd contents to your hard drive"
[00:58] <MSameer> i did
[00:59] <SmartUnix> ok , then what should i do ?
[00:59] <MSameer> [00:55] <MSameer> SmartUnix: then tell us whether it worked or not :P
[00:59] <SmartUnix> hmmmmmm
[01:00] <SmartUnix> ok
[01:09] <SmartUnix> :\
[01:11] <SmartUnix> i will resize partition from 5 GB to 10 GB
[01:11] <SmartUnix> then i will try to install it agian
[01:12] <SmartUnix> brb :)
[01:12] <MSameer> SmartUnix: did you try copying the CD ?
[01:12] <SmartUnix> no i still don't copying it
[01:12] <SmartUnix> becuase i don't know how i can use it
[01:13] <MSameer> SmartUnix: and youll retry installing without copying ?
[01:13] <MSameer> damn it
[01:13] <SmartUnix> copying to hardisk ?
[01:13] <MSameer> SmartUnix: you are copying it just to verify that the damn thing is not corrupted
[01:13] <MSameer> AUP
[01:13] <MSameer> BooDy: help him please
[01:13] <MSameer> i'm out of this
[01:14] <SmartUnix> ok if it's not corrupted , what is the result will show
[01:14] <SmartUnix> ?
[01:14] <xfree> SmartUnix, the MSameer give you smart way to test your DVD/CD ;)
[01:14] <SmartUnix> :) and i am still don't understand it
[01:14] <MSameer> SmartUnix: honestly ? stay with windows
[01:15] <SmartUnix> ok , thanks :)
[01:15] <xfree> SmartUnix, open this cd/dvd and use CTRL-A then create new folder on your desktop than paste it here
[01:16] <MSameer> SmartUnix: wen you copy the CD, if it's corrupted it won't copy it completely
[01:16] <MSameer> SmartUnix: got the point ?
[01:16] <SmartUnix> this information i asked you about :)
[01:17] <SmartUnix> ok i am starting copy
[01:17] <MSameer> what info ?
[01:17] <MSameer> SmartUnix: is it hard ?
[01:17] <SmartUnix> "if it's corrupted it won't copy it completely"
[01:17] <BooDy> MSameer, sorry its dinner time can't help anyone. if my father wants to install GNU/linux now I'll leave him alone
[01:17] <MSameer> BooDy: you kow my favorite channel ? ;)
[01:17] <xfree> MSameer, did you know if the suse come with test cd/dvd like redaht does?
[01:17] <MSameer> SmartUnix: use your freaking mind
[01:17] <MSameer> xfree: no idea honestly
[01:17] <BooDy> MSameer, no
[01:18] <MSameer> xfree: never used suse
[01:18] <MSameer> xfree: but it might be possible if you feel like trying with him :P[01:19] <xfree> MSameer, than what late me guess debian :)
[01:19] <SmartUnix> Cannot copy INSTALL : Cannot read the source file or disk
[01:19] <MSameer> SmartUnix: corrupted CD
[01:20] <xfree> SmartUnix, "if it's corrupted it won't copy it completely" ;)
[01:20] <SmartUnix> lol
[01:20] <SmartUnix> that's mean no Linux
[01:20] <MSameer> SmartUnix: please man please use your brain
[01:20] <MSameer> SmartUnix: where do you live ?
[01:20] <MSameer> SmartUnix: DSL or dial up ?
[01:20] <SmartUnix> dial up
[01:20] <MSameer> SmartUnix: where do you live ?
[01:21] <SmartUnix> in the arabian country ;)
[01:22] <MSameer> SmartUnix: you are in Kuwait
[01:22] <SmartUnix> that's right
[01:22] <MSameer> SmartUnix: i aske ubecause i might know someone near you to hand a you a copy
[01:23] <SmartUnix> :)
[01:23] <MSameer> SmartUnix: but honestly, Sorry even if I know, I won't try to arrange something for you
[01:23] <MSameer> guys, I'll violate the AUP
[01:23] <xfree> MSameer, wow you are kindly persone than i imagen :)
[01:23] <BooDy> MSameer, don't
[01:23] <MSameer> SmartUnix: you are a worthless DNA, this human behaviour can't be expected from someone outside a certain area you live in and I'm now more sure about it
[01:24] <MSameer> xfree: i'm not that kind
[01:24] <BooDy> MSameer, kick yourself
[01:24] <MSameer> xfree: i did ask him to arrange something for him, but i's very obvious tht he doesn't need that hep
[01:24] <MSameer> BooDy: nop, this is not a violation
[01:26] <MSameer> SmartUnix: and i guess that the best thing you should do is to ask the pink dragon what you should do every day when you wake up, I'm sure that by following his answer - which is something I doubt - you'll be a better person or at least more usefl if not to yourself then it'll be to the surrounding environment
[01:28] <SmartUnix> ok , thank you for this advice :)
[01:31] <SmartUnix> and thanks for the great method :)