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Booked my tickets (Summer 2009) :-)

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Submitted by msameer on Sat, 16/05/2009 - 7:04pm

To Cairo and beyond (-:

Too bad I'll transit for one hour in Charles De Gaulle again. I'd rather be prepared to lose my bags :-)

And did I say from 10.07.09 to 09.08.09 ?


Submitted by Ahmad Gharbeia (not verified) on Thu, 21/05/2009 - 1:43am

A whole month..Oh noGREAT!
Looking forward to see you, Sameer

Submitted by أحمد فيصل (not verified) on Fri, 22/05/2009 - 9:58pm

no you didn't :D
Isn't that a month early man..?
ok, prepare then for El Borsa coz I won't be prepared for Cilantro ;)

Submitted by أحمد فيصل (not verified) on Fri, 12/06/2009 - 1:22am

come out
come out
wherever you are... :)

Submitted by W.Zaki (not verified) on Sun, 21/06/2009 - 7:13am

Hey Mohamed...

I've been stuck there before....

We -Normally- Call it Air-Chance ... !!

Have fun and get Home soon..


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