Debugging session at last


Here it's, The Long awaited debugging session By me, This shoud've been long ago, But I was busy, then Ramadan.
phaeron won't come as he discovered that he has an exam tomorrow and he only knew yesterday.

I didn't sleep since yesterday ~ 8 PM, The problem is that i'm afraid to sleep as i might not wake up, I was at the faculty today morning "I'll tell you about the fourth step towards freedom soon ;-)"
I finished the outline today in the morning before I went down.
After writing it in emacs, I failed to rewrite it using lyx and openoffice. I tried abiword and it was fine, But when I tried to open it in openoffice to fix the eglug logo, The bullets didn't show up neither in the RTF nor in the DOC, So I had to reformat it again,
I think I learned a bit more about using openoffice, But what I feel is that when using word processors you concentrate on the formatting more than the content ;-)
Anyway, waiting for the session time.

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