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2 Brain dumps affecting a third.

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Submitted by msameer on Wed, 23/03/2005 - 4:48pm

[18:41] <DarKnesS_WolF> alaa: what is bit bucket means ?
[18:42] <ezabi> DarKnesS_WolF: this is where the data sent to /dev/null/ ends
[18:43] <DarKnesS_WolF> ma 3lina :D
[18:44] <YoussefAssad> DarKnesS_WolF: a bit bucket is an architectural construct in the linux virtual memory design which allocates bits not fitting within the overall filesystem framework in a reserved area which is actually virtual, in the sense that it exists neither on the disk nor in memory.
[18:44] <YoussefAssad> Shit, management speak makes me hungry.
[18:44] <DarKnesS_WolF> YoussefAssad: wa 3`alwatk 3andy wla fahm 7aga
[18:45] <ezabi> MSameer: thx, yuck fou

[18:46] <alaa> DarKnesS_WolF: gardal bits
[18:46] <ezabi> DarKnesS_WolF: ma olna /dev/null sahla
[18:47] <YoussefAssad> alaa: gardal sharameet. "Bits in a bucket"
[18:47] <MSameer> DarKnesS_WolF: and this is really affected by the kernel level VFS in a great manner, and under some circumstances you can mount it provided that you have the permissions from the volatile bios memory which requires a special kernel module and the required tools to do so, the problem is that the required tools are being forked into 2, 1 of them is concerned about the historycal backword compatibility and is included in Debian woody and the other is a prealp
[18:47] <MSameer> ha which is included in Gentoo, The old one can't be really used as it's oncient and the new one though can be used but it'll erase all of the volatile data once mounted
[18:48] <DarKnesS_WolF> a7a


OK, "a7a" is an Arabic word that's usually said upon frustration

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