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Easily deploy firefox with bundled extensions.

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Submitted by msameer on Mon, 04/04/2005 - 7:45pm

Ok, Here's another one.

I had to bundle firefox as part of a solution we are providing.

We have a bootable CD I've buit myself.
The CD'll install all the software we want to bundle so no need for the firefox installer.

We wanted to add the Arabic translation XPI with the locale switcher extension.

I thought about adding the .mozilla directory to the /etc/skel. Unfortunately, This didn't work for me as firefox is hardcoding the path for the chromes. So if I copy it to another home directory it doesn't work.

1st get the firefox tarball from mozilla.org "The tarball not the installer" and unpack it.

2nd cd to the directory where you unpacked it, install the extensions and customize the default profile.

3rd re-pack the tarball again and you have it!

OK. How to achieve the 2nd step ? Firefox offers a command line switch "--install-global-extension" and another one "--install-global-theme"
So, for every extension you want to bundle, Just do:

./firefox --install-global-extension /full/path/of/the/XPI

And that's it.

Now let's customize the default profile:
You need to run firefox, Adjust what you need. then copy


where "XXXXXXXX" is a random string generated by firefox.


before re-packing the tarball.

And that's it!


Submitted by Tsuki (not verified) on Tue, 05/04/2005 - 4:33pm

Where are you from?

Submitted by msameer on Tue, 05/04/2005 - 5:10pm

This reminds me that I should create the about me page ;-)

Submitted by ahmed (aka myan... (not verified) on Sat, 09/07/2005 - 7:44pm

woow.. really nice

ps: just check the title for a misspelling

Submitted by msameer on Sat, 09/07/2005 - 9:47pm

Fixed, Thanks

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 28/07/2005 - 2:32am

Good tips.

Forgive me if this sounds stupid.

I would like to deploy firefox on a Unix machine where multiple users could login using a single sigon user account. The first user who runs firefox locks the profile (lets say default profile), right? When other users run firefox, it prompts them to either to use another profile or create a new profile. How do I force them to use the default profile? I don't care about saving the profile settings on exit (actually I want to lockdown the profile).

Thanks in advance.

Submitted by msameer on Tue, 02/08/2005 - 7:35pm

Not sure
With debian I can inoke it multiple times.
Maybe if you remove the lock file when firefox start ? an rm -f or unlink in the beginning in the script should do it.

Submitted by varun (not verified) on Mon, 24/04/2006 - 4:13pm

set the environment variable MOZ_NO_REMOTE=1 in the environment. then you should be able to run multiple profiles simultaneously using firefox.exe -p "randomprofilename"

shivanand sharma

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