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Submitted by msameer on Mon, 24/10/2005 - 5:03am

Quite a lot of things happened within the last few hours.
I erased a movie by mistake, Whatever I did, I wasn't able to get it back.

The problem is that the torrent is not seeded all the time, Guess I have to wait.

A few minutes ago, I erased an email by mistake. I wanted to keep that email but damn!

I've got the latest firefox Debian package from experimental, Why experimental / Because it has pango support which means that Arabic diacritics'll be rendered fine.

I decided to remove my ~/.mozilla away so that firefox won't get crazy, I never had to do this with opera, I only had to edit the main configuration fileonce but I'm using the same ~/.opera since opera 5 or so.

Ayway, I only installed the session saver extension and I'm trying to stick to firefox.

The memory consumption looks fine, But I need to give it a try before I decide to stick to it.

I'm still having a few problems with the font size but it should be tweaked soon ;-)
I need to find a way to increase the menubar font size too.

Ah, And the create content page doesn't render correctly, Just to piss me off.

Finally, Here's a new bug report ;-)

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