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طبعا ده عزبى فمش عارف اتكلم ;-)

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Submitted by msameer on Fri, 25/11/2005 - 6:40pm

[20:31] <ezabi> MSameer: la2 AUP i'm stuck, yabni el drupal modules dir di feen
[20:32] <MSameer> ezabi: www/modules
[20:33] <ezabi> MSameer: really?? now i'mstupid fe3lan
[20:34] <ezabi> MSameer: heya mesh di bezabt, bass eshta
[20:35] <DarKnesS_WolF> ezabi: mish u wanted to ask MSameer a stuped question ?
[20:35] <DarKnesS_WolF> ezabi: so i thought ur going to tell him shall i know on el talga before i open it :P?
[20:35] <ezabi> MSameer: eshta ya m3alem :)))))))))
[20:36] <MSameer> foolab material
[20:36] <ezabi> DarKnesS_WolF: enta betharag, tab3an lazem tekhabat 3al talaga
[20:36] <ezabi> DarKnesS_WolF: wel doolab kaman
[20:36] * DarKnesS_WolF listening to A-HA Forever Not Yours
[20:37] <ezabi> ana 7a3mel site competing with foolab asameeh doolab
[20:37] <ezabi> DarKnesS_WolF listening to A-HA Forever UP Yours
[20:37] <DarKnesS_WolF> lol
[20:37] <DarKnesS_WolF> gamda
[20:37] <MSameer> lol @ doolab

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