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Dipping my nose more into drupal.

Submitted by msameer on Sun, 25/06/2006 - 12:17pm

I've got my Drupal CVS account. I'll give the article module some love.
And My first commit!

Acer Embedded Controller no spinlock patch updated to

Submitted by msameer on Mon, 12/06/2006 - 3:25pm

OK, Without this patch, My laptop suffers from jumpy touchpad and sticky keys. It's mainly because the Linux ACPI implementation is trying to access the battery state through the laptop embedded controller. The problem is that this access causes lost interrupts which leads to the above problems.

Drupal, The rules, Start with 3...

Submitted by msameer on Sun, 14/05/2006 - 4:27pm

Rule #1: When you create a module, Never do

CLRSpell, My first and hopefully last VC++/.NET application.

Submitted by msameer on Fri, 12/05/2006 - 11:30pm

So, The wordlist has been growing lately, We hit 250,000 words, I tried hard not to put incorrect words but a lot of incorrect words went in, Manual review doesn't seem right to me, It'll take years!

Yet another Arabic support patch, Gedit!

Submitted by msameer on Sun, 02/04/2006 - 10:14pm

God damn you Islam you are always getting me into this.

Gedit doesn't identify Arabic as a known language thus won't use the aspell Arabic dictionary for it. This patch adds Arabic and Arabic (Egypt).

OpenOffice/aspell dictionary is now available.

Submitted by msameer on Wed, 29/03/2006 - 1:42pm

Couldn't celebrate my birthday without releasing this, It's the best gift I can get.

اللى قال ان ماعندناش قائمة كلمات عربية ضحك عليكم!

Submitted by msameer on Sat, 25/03/2006 - 11:54pm

[img_assist|fid=4723|thumb=1|alt=OpenOffice and Arabic spell checking!]

علشان الصوره اللى فوق دى بتثبت العكس

المشكله ان عدد الكلمات اللى فيها صغير جدا "اقل من 50000" بس اهو اللى عندى

Back to apache.

Submitted by msameer on Tue, 21/03/2006 - 2:58pm

lighttpd was doing fine but sometimes it doesn't start after the logrotation, I'm lazy to write a script to fix this plus, I miss the apache mod_security to filter out some SPAM comments. I'm using an old package from backports.org, Maybe it was fixed in a later package but it's not there for debian yet.