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Waiting for the tickets...

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Submitted by msameer on Tue, 17/07/2007 - 1:36pm

Helsinki: 24.08.2007 17:40
Cairo: 25.08.2007 02:00

Cairo: 09.09.2007 06.35
Helsinki: 09.09.2007 16.15

I hate CDG Airport...


Submitted by Manal (not verified) on Tue, 17/07/2007 - 2:31pm



EGLUG and 30 Feb, prepare your snorkels :-D

Submitted by shamoussa (not verified) on Wed, 18/07/2007 - 8:54am

Snorkels and under water cams..

Submitted by Mohammed samir (not verified) on Thu, 26/07/2007 - 8:02am

توصل بل سلامه ان شاء الله
good news :) that we will see you back

Submitted by Pronco on Mon, 06/08/2007 - 8:56pm

انت وصلت ولا لسه

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