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This is my website. It's mainly dedicated to GNU/Linux, my writings, code, thoughts, news, ... You won't find any windows related materials here, So don't panic!

Job opportunity for a doctor ?

Submitted by msameer on Mon, 07/06/2004 - 2:07pm

So, MadFarmAnimalz posted at eglug introducing eosbc, An idea aroused, Why not cooperate with Linux-Egypt ?
Alaa Abd El Fatah posted there, unfortunately the post was deleted. Why ? Because this wasn't what we agreed on!
Ugh, That's bad. Here is the IRC log between MadFarmAnimalz (YousefAssad) and aratux before Alaa's post, And after the deletion, Read and see yourselves.

My GnuPG key(s).

Submitted by msameer on Mon, 07/06/2004 - 10:53am

I sign most of the emails I send, If you get an email from me that is not signed then there's a 99% possibility it's NOT me.

Key ID: 0xA3FD0DF7

Fingerprint: 9F73 032E EAC9 F7AD 951F 280E CB66 8E29 A3FD 0DF7

Drinking bears

Submitted by msameer on Wed, 02/06/2004 - 9:05pm

>> sattia
> Assalmou 3alikoum
al moslem man salem al moslmoon men lesaneh wa yadeh.

> Really I would like to congratulate ... but not the eglug ...
> I would like to congratulate ourselves that they r no longer
> related to Linux-Egypt. I really feel sorrow. Its grieving that
> they were here one day.
So so so,
I didn't reply to this thread till now, But I see that I MUST do it now.
But really I'm happy that you feel sorrow. This means that someone'll miss us, Thanks for the great feelings. I know that loosing people you love and like results in sorrow, But this is life. Thanks again!

> But to be honest Im not surprised I was expecting it.
> If u ve a closer look at the May-Install-Fest pics u would
> c them drinking bears and smoking cigarettes with gr8 happiness
> as if they r doing their prayers.
This is something personal, I think that I didn't drink beer, I drinked cola.
RMS is agnostic BTW, Does this mean that he is a bad guy ?
should he leave the leadership of the GNU project for that ?

> I think asking them to correct it is useless.
> It is a concept they believe in. Have a look at
> the reply there to this dirt. U will find that they
> accept it as long as u didnt violate the laws nor
> attacked someone personally. They r setting ethics and
> customs earned from the community or from the religion
> aside. Go to mosque and do this stuff; but here @ eglug do
> whatever u like and show us ur dirty side as long as u obey
> the above mentioned rule.
Admins, I don't accept such language regarding my personality, I'm asking:
Is this a direct attack against a group of people here or not ?
What are you talking about ? This is our rights to do whatever we want, did we post these pics. on a public forum beyond my knowledge ? They are being hosted on alaa's box. No farther comments.

I had to disable the IE crashing thing

Submitted by msameer on Tue, 01/06/2004 - 12:37am

Oh, I don't know why the people I love are doing this to me :-)
Ok, But if it'll be crashing IE Vs. the people I love entering the site, I'll choose the people I love ;-)

The problem with Linux-Egypt

Submitted by msameer on Sun, 30/05/2004 - 12:25am

OK, I'm stating my opinions here on why I don't like how things are happening there.
With all my respect to Linux-Egypt Administrators and Moderators, But guys, You should realize something.
I loved and still love Linux-Egypt.
We did great things and we were going to do great things, But...
We want to be more open to the community,
We don't want to hide things,
We insist that all discussions MUST be publicly available, Either on the forum or through a mailing list.
This didn't happen from some people there. And I'm NOT going to write names.
We, and when I say we. I mean myself Mohammed Sameer, Alaa Abd El Fatah and Mostafa Hussein.
So we wanted a site redesign, We want to use a Free - As in free speech - CMS for the site, We wanted to be more open to the community
But we failed to achieve this.
We need a more democratic place, Imagine that you are in a LUG where you do whatever you can to spread the word Linux and Free Software, And an admin comes one day and says that he is the vice president. Since when we had a president and a vice president ? And you - a moderator - didn't know how/when/why such a decision was taken ?
Damn! All you can do is accept this.
When the LUG founder doesn't know the forum moderators.
Guys we need a wiki, We started one in our own web space and it was successful, Then It wasn't integrated into the website.
We want the community to have more influence on the decisions taken.

When the admins start to delete posts with no known reason and they insist on not discussing the reason on the forum, This is the end of the world to me.

To be continued...

Trying to get IE away

Submitted by msameer on Sat, 29/05/2004 - 4:00pm

I'm anti windows, anti Microsoft and sure anti IE, So I'll try hard to crash any one trying to browse this site with IE, Sorry!

I'm not dead

Submitted by msameer on Fri, 28/05/2004 - 12:00am

So, I'm not dead.
Don't ask me what I was doing the last period.
But, Finally you can see that I'm using a CMS instead of writing my own scripts.
So expect that the site should be fully functional in a very short period of time.