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Xchat again


OK ladies and gentlemen, I've emailed Peter asking him to release the windows FULL source code, The one containing the registration code/license verification code, Since what he is doing now is considered a GPL violation.

To the north coast


For the 2nd time this year, I'll be spending a few days in the Norh coast, I didn't go there since years, And I go two times in one year. Very nice.

And this time I'll be without a job, Today i'm handing all things over, Tomorrow'll be my last day, And it's that!

midi midi midi


I love listening to mid files, It has been a long time since I listened to any, Yesterday I got timidity to say CHEEZE at last, Though it's softsynth "I wonder how windows is doing it ?", And that timidity eats not less than 40% and even upto 90% of my CPU, But it's cool.

Dream team is back


Yesterday, We knew about the Egyptian FOSS conference, Great, But it'll be held on Wednesday, Damn we have no time then, But this is the usual situation, Since arabbix 0.8 is outdated and 0.9 is alpha, We'll have to cook something. I was thinking about remastering morphix gnome but the current cloop utils complained about the old mod format, hmmmmm, Create my own main mod ? No time for doing it and testing it, So out of the way morphix. Knoppix ? they removed gnome. Bye knoppix. Gnoppix ? I think yes, since gnome 2.6 is AFAIK arabised 100%, The only problem is to discover how to remaster it and to add all the arabeyes apps, Hope for the future.