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Bye Bye our car


Yes, Our car was smashed today in an accident.
I was supposed to go to pay the DSL fees "I hadn't pay for September, October and November". I slept at 9 am So I'll wake up at 1 or so. I don't know what happened, Just my sister waking me up and saying that the driver came and that the car is not working so I told her guh, I won't go ;-)

2 unrelated things


Morning ;-)
The 1st thing is that peksystray is now listed in gnomefiles.org
The 2nd thing is that one of my friends told me that the brother of the Egyptian president Hosney Mubarak is dead "I never knew he had a brother", And that his funeral is in a mosque near the guy's home.

From mhdir to mbox.


Something strange happened today, I woke up to find that mutt - my mail client - has forgotten all the new labeled and flagged messages. This happened to me about 2 times in the last year or so. It's very annoying especially when you have +2000 email in your inbox folder.