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On eglug, what people do to other people.


A misscommunication problem lead to eglug.org being updated to point to our new VPS without us being ready. OK, So we have to migrate it then. I was at the office, Alaa did most of the work.
At the end eglug was transferred with its 4 sub domains, The mailboxes were migrated, Alaa was screaming because mailman web interface didn't work because I disabled apache mod_cgi. Sometimes I restart apache and/or MySQL after tweaking them while he is doing an important thing using the drupal administration interface.

Moved again


foolab.org moved again to our new VPS at rimuhosting.com.
I suppose no more MySQL errors, If it happens, Then I'm a bad admin ;-)
The best thing is that I have my own relay now, So no more blck listed IP/subnet, no reverse DNS, no no MX record problems from SMTPs, Even better, I usr SMTP over SSL to relay!

foolab.org, I own you!


When I registered foolab.org about a year ago, I didn't have a credit card "I don't have one yet, But I'm using ezabi's credit card ;-)", So Mohammed Tarek registered it for me, Now I want to move the domain from enom to godaddy, I've entered my domain auth code last friday, And here I'm now with the domain :-)