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SPAM Everywhere


I'm not supposed to like it when I find that some assholes wrote a script to spam my website with comments about online poker, casino and roulette!
I installed drupal spam.module from the CVS and patched the comments module so I can mass delete/unpublish/mark as SPAM the ~13 pages generated by this script "Thanks grohk from #drupal-support @ irc.freenode.org"

none of the 3d drivers
support suspend/resume.


I wish I'd found this email long ago.
> after a software suspend/resume cycle, running glxgears emits the following error msgs and quits:
With the semi-exception of the radeon driver, none of the 3d drivers support suspend/resume.

I was about to start digging and playing with the kernel code, I even started to unload/reload the DRI/DRM modules after resuming.
Now I know it's not a specific problem to me, And I've reverted back to using APM.

The last few days.


I've been busy the last few days since I gave the debugging session, I didn't publish anything about it, I didn't even add the photos yet, I'll do this soon.
I've been busy writing a files upload/download module for drupal, The one I'm using here is deprecated and I wasn't support to port it to drupal 4.5 API and continue using it, But I had no time to migrate.