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Bluetooth working.


I was able to transfer files only from my laptop to my Nokia phone from the command line.
However I wasn't able to transfer files from my Nokia to the laptop.
Now since kde 3.3 is now in sarge, I can install KDE bluetooth, I'm not a KDE user. But I thught that it'll allow me to browse the phone as if it was a folder and see the contents, However I was wrong.



* Arabic in Gentoo Forums, I don't think this'll be ever used for a period more than 1 week or 1 month and then it'll be dead.
* I've left the office yesterday at 1 am. We are building a live CD to customize an existing solution, However OpenOffice is a gay as usual and is refusing to install. I'll have to go now and fight for it, It's almost done!

Arabic, The big problem.


I don't know why I'm writing this.
I've been envolved with Arabic for the last few years.
During the last few weeks I've started to realize the problems with Arabic, Noot only when it comes to text processing by the computer, But For non native Arabic speakers and even for native Arabic speakers like us.

Happy New Year, The foolab way.


Happy new year all.
Alaa woke me up today saying that foolab is down. It was obvious that the codefilter.module "Which the drupal module used to highlight the php code." is not playing nice with drupal,I don't know why.
But Seeing an error about undefined functions is not a sign of good.
I don't know what happened, The site has been working for long time,
I tried to logout to find the error. It seems that it's happening to non logged in users, I searched drupal.org to find that this is a reported bug!
I don't know how many of you were affected by this error.
Anyway, I've disabled the following code in the module and everything is fine now.
function codefilter_init() {

@import url('. $GLOBALS[base_url] .'/modules/codefilte\r/codefilter.css);

I moved the code to the theme file.
// Codefilter block.
if (function_exists("codefilter_help"))
$output .= '

@import url('. $GLOBALS[base_url] .'/modules/codefilte\r/codefilte\r.css);


Another thing just to fuck my mind, the codefilter module prevents drupal from generating the node teaser, I wonder why ?