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Asiasource 2005, India airport, They'll cheat you if you don't take care!


I arrived, Finished the enterence things, I didn't fill the address and phone, So the guy there did it before stamping the passport.
I took the luggage, Kept asking for the domestic air india flight, They told me go out, And walk, Everytime i ask about terminal "2C" they tell me walk, I entered the building,Took the alivator to the next floor, Finished everything and started waiting.

Asiasource 2005, I like the air hostess!


The 1st thing I noticed that there were no headphones, So I plugged mine, I kept switching till I found the Quran, Which I didn't listen to for long. Nice!
After that they started distributing them, I donno why I took one, But never used it. The guy collecting them didn't remember to take it when they were collecting it, But I reminded him!