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Egyptian president, no donut for you.


Yes, I'm not saying a thank you for anything. Not because you didn't do anything good. You did a lot of good things. One of them is showing me how much I love Egypt especially after being far away. You saved my life by me not having a country to give my life up for if I needed...

Even if you did a lot of real good things, no thank you. It's your job and no, you did not do it.

حول ارضاع المرأة لزميلها فى العمل


ادى الموضوع فى الاول
اسمحوا لى ان اختلف مع الشيخ ماهر عقل. الراجل يغمى عينيه و زميلته ترضعه علشان مايكونش فيه اثارة للشهوات

و الاحسن كمان تحطهمله فى بزازه "التمسك بلب الموضوع" و هو بالشفا

و بعد 5 مرات يبقى peace


What's more foolish. Using a pirated OS or using a OS that you don't know what is ?


- yeah, but i don't have skype now, i've formatted my laptop and installed OSX :P
* is that GNU/Darwin or the official OSX ?
* Darwin needs specific IDE controllers and stuff
- i'm not sure i didn't download it, i took it from a friend. but it types darwin at boot
* then it's darwin I guess
* what's the version number ?
- Mac OSX 10.4.8 , Kernel darwin 8.8.1
* i think it's OSX for x86
* no idea
* so u took your OS from a friend and we don't know exactly what it is!!
* and you are working as a sysadmin ?