حول ارضاع المرأة لزميلها فى العمل


ادى الموضوع فى الاول
اسمحوا لى ان اختلف مع الشيخ ماهر عقل. الراجل يغمى عينيه و زميلته ترضعه علشان مايكونش فيه اثارة للشهوات

و الاحسن كمان تحطهمله فى بزازه "التمسك بلب الموضوع" و هو بالشفا

و بعد 5 مرات يبقى peace


What's more foolish. Using a pirated OS or using a OS that you don't know what is ?


- yeah, but i don't have skype now, i've formatted my laptop and installed OSX :P
* is that GNU/Darwin or the official OSX ?
* Darwin needs specific IDE controllers and stuff
- i'm not sure i didn't download it, i took it from a friend. but it types darwin at boot
* then it's darwin I guess
* what's the version number ?
- Mac OSX 10.4.8 , Kernel darwin 8.8.1
* i think it's OSX for x86
* no idea
* so u took your OS from a friend and we don't know exactly what it is!!
* and you are working as a sysadmin ?