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Experiencing Kazehakase

Submitted by msameer on Sun, 29/08/2004 - 9:23am

More than a reboot ?!!

Submitted by msameer on Tue, 24/08/2004 - 12:44pm
15:24:52 up 16 days, 20:07,  6 users,  load average: 5.05, 4.47, 4.06

Not very good for an uptime contest, But it was the longest uptime I was able to record on my laptop.
Unfortunately, The usb module decided that this is enough for me. Inserted a CD into my external drive, The CD burner refused to read the CD. Ok, Let's sleep now and hope for the future, Now I wasn't able to suspend. Had to reboot!

I really hate mozilla

Submitted by msameer on Fri, 20/08/2004 - 10:50pm

So Mozilla pops up once again and the site is not rendered correctly.

"word-wrap is a M$ prop. extension to CSS and mozilla doesn't support it" shit, The recent files list overflows the area allocated.

And there is nothing to do except to add a scrollbar, or hide the overflowing part, Sorry gecko users, but it's NOT my fault ;-)

Opera for ever!

An interesting conversation.

Submitted by msameer on Fri, 20/08/2004 - 8:32pm

[23:34] <Uniball> 2ool

[23:34] <CVirus> how can i boot from floppy ?

[23:34] <Uniball> a7a

[23:34] <Uniball> a7a

[23:34] <CVirus> eh bas

[23:34] <Uniball> 7oto fe tezak w reboot el PC

[23:34] <Uniball> :PP

[23:34] <CVirus> do i have to add it to grub menu ?

[23:34] <CVirus> LOOL

[23:34] <CVirus> mesh rady yeboot ba3d lamma 7ateto fe teez el pc

[23:34] <Uniball> CVirus a7a ya CVirus , do you have to add the cdrom to the boot menu ?

[23:34] <Uniball> CVirus from the bios

[23:35] <CVirus> la2 i dont

[23:35] <Uniball> set the 1st boot device to floppy

[23:35] <CVirus> wallahy 3aref .. bas bardo it doesnt boot and the GRUB menu appears

[23:35] <CVirus> mat2ollesh fedora 3alashan ma2ollaksh 7aga we7sha

[23:35] <Uniball> CVirus 1st boot device is set to floppy ?

[23:35] <CVirus> aywa

[23:35] <Uniball> and it didn't boot ?

[23:35] <Uniball> memtest86 ?

[23:35] <CVirus> yes it didnt

[23:35] <Uniball> memtest86 ?

[23:35] <CVirus> la2aa

[23:36] <Uniball> omal ?

[23:36] <CVirus> sebak men memtest now

[23:36] <CVirus> hmm

[23:36] <CVirus> mesh 3aref a2ollak eh

[23:36] <CVirus> naftared en el disk dah boots ay ebn metnaka

[23:36] <Uniball> what did you try and didn't boot ?

[23:36] <CVirus> howa hayboot 7aga that u dont like

[23:36] <CVirus> winblows98 boot disk :"((

[23:36] <Uniball> ok ok, dd it to the disk, set the 1st boot device to floppy

[23:36] <Uniball> then it's over

[23:37] <CVirus> i hope it works dis time

[23:37] <CVirus> 1 thing kaman

[23:37] <Uniball> CVirus will you be annoyed if someone knows this conversation ?

[23:37] <CVirus> i installed memtest but cant find the executable to put it on the disk

[23:37] <CVirus> Uniball, la2 its okay

[23:37] <CVirus> Uniball, i said on main that i want to install winblows :"(

[23:37] <CVirus> to play some games

[23:37] <Uniball> CVirus you DON'T copy memtest, dd it

[23:37] <CVirus> as i gave up with wine and winex

[23:37] <CVirus> dd ?

[23:38] <CVirus> whats dd ?

[23:38] <Uniball> CVirus do you have an original copy to install ?

[23:38] <Uniball> CVirus RTFM

[23:38] <Uniball> man dd

[23:38] <CVirus> copy of winblows ?

[23:38] <Uniball> CVirus yes copy of windows, is it original ?

[23:38] <CVirus> okay

[23:38] <CVirus> copy of winblows ?

[23:38] <CVirus> hmm

[23:38] <CVirus> maybe

[23:39] <CVirus> why r u askin' ?

[23:39] <CVirus> u're logging this walla eh ?

[23:39] <Uniball> heh, I keep logs of everything ;)

[23:40] <CVirus> hehe

A New Theme For foolab.org

Submitted by msameer on Fri, 20/08/2004 - 2:53pm

So, I gave up writing my own theme, I'm not a designer by nature, And since I wasn't able to find someone to do me a theme, I'll use this one, The adc theme, I did some modifications and more are comming.

Hunting For The "Lam-Alef"!

Submitted by msameer on Sun, 15/08/2004 - 2:17pm

So, Alaa was always complaining that katoob can't convert UTF-8 text to cp1256, And iconv outputs: "Invalid byte sequence in conversion input", Trying to know what's happening, We noticed that this is happening with the hindi digits, The unicode control characters and the lam-alef letter. Great! I do strip the unicode characters.
Now, I have to convert Hindi digits to Arabic digits, And also to convert the lam-alef character into lam+alef. Easy!
The 1st one was done with no problem, However I tried to find the unicode value for the "lam-alef" character with no success, I spent 4 days googling but no way! I tried whatever i can but i didn't come to anything. Capturing the gtk keypress events, looking at the gdkkeysyms.h file, the Xfree equivalent one, looking at the UnicodeData.txt file, looking at the unicode charts, I found the lam-alef presentation forms, And they were what i obtained from the gtk keyvalues, But I didn't find the character itself.
Panic ? smash the wall ? destroy your keyboard ? Cut your head and die happily ? Nothing. No way. Guys DAMN! How come this shit is not there!
Until Isam Bayazidi came to the rescue. Now I know where the problem is.
There is no such character, The unicode standard defines only presentation forms, And since there is no way to map 2 characters to a key in Xfree86, He had to map the keys to the isolated presentation forms, holyshit! Thanks Isam, You rescued me, You did well, But it's time to fix this thing in Xfree86/X.org.

Dana International

Submitted by msameer on Sun, 08/08/2004 - 8:34am

Ok guys, Back to childhood, Don't ask me why did I remember this, But it popped into my mind, The songs were banned from egypt, Don't ask me why, I listened to them perhaps when I was 14 or 15, Maybe 13 years old. I really don't know why did I remember them yesterday and kept searching for them until I found 2 of the 3 songs I remember, Dana International with her 3 songs "saida sultana", "samar mar" and "dana international", I'm not yet sure about the 3rd name. I have the 1st 2 songs, Yes I like them and Yes they are great, But don't think about listening to them, they are SHIT!


Submitted by msameer on Wed, 28/07/2004 - 1:52pm

A few days ago I came across Project GoneME, I like the idea, Though I don't use GNOME anymore, But I still like Gtk/Gnome Apps. than Qt/KDE apps.

But really what the GNOME developers are doing to GNOME is killing me, They are turning the nice thing into crap.

I'm not afraid of changing, Infact, I Like it!

I don't care much about flipping the OK/Cancel buttons in Gtk 2.x, But the new file selector, spatial Nautilus, The not new GConf, which is even worse than Micro$oft windowz registry, The plans about depending on C# and/or java, And meny other small things are really pressing on my nerves. What are you guys doing ? Stripping the applications from all the options ? You are gaining lusers not users this way, The lusers you are gaining are from the type: I want epiphany to open playboy when I think about whores!

WTH are you doing ? What was the problem with galeon ? Why epiphany ?? Just duplicate the effots and reinvent the wheel, why write a new library instead of GNet ?

I think that gnome 2.x framework is very good, but the functionality-stripped applications are bad.

Sorry guys, I remember I posted something like this @ gnomedesktop.org once.

Anyway, Hope I can contribute to the new project, Hope for the future!

A thank you for a bug report.

Submitted by msameer on Sat, 24/07/2004 - 11:07pm

Heh, this should've been here long ago, Anyway. The courier MTA Debian package maintainer was kind enough to give me a thank you in the changelog for the new release for submitting a Bug report

The 1st Arabic GNU/Linux ad hits the shelves!

Submitted by msameer on Sun, 18/07/2004 - 7:13am

Guys, This should turn you all into damn proud ? Happy ? people.
The first Arabic ad. is here. Don't miss it, It's simply great.
Various different people describing their feelings towards GNU/Linux, What they hope, What they wish/want. What GNU/Linux represents for them.
You'll see yourself.
Get it in XVID(2.2 MB) or MPEG(5.5 MB) format.