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The 1st 4.5 post!

Submitted by msameer on Sun, 07/11/2004 - 9:01pm

So, here we are with drupal 4.5, It took much effort to upgrade, with patching here and there, porting some modules to the new 4.5 API, tweaks for the theme.
Well, I can say that small things are still missing here and there, But mozilla shouldn't have problems with the recent files block.
The theme is not yet perfect, Oh! And I lost the upper links :-(
But really using CVS to manage the website CMS is really nice :-)

python, python!, python?,python :-(

Submitted by msameer on Mon, 01/11/2004 - 3:17am

Ok, So I've started to learn python, Well, I was thinking about doing it for a long time, But I have to do it now. So googling with "python tutorial.
And choosing the first result.
I read the whole damn thing, Did I understand it ? I think yes, But I don't know why I have a feeling that it is hard, Where are you perl :-(
Good, I can do basic things, Now what ? I think I'll read "Dive Into Python".
Maybe what I need is someone giving me homework, Where are you whirlpool :-(
I think that's really the 1st time I can say, Friends, I need help! But whirlpool is suffering from his exams, And alaa is in South Africa.
And for the first time in my life I find that google is NOT helping me as I want to.
I'm sure that it'll be fine, But It has been so long since I learned a new Language, I think that I'm very close to the state I was in when I first learned GNU/Linux, I was clueless. But I think I'm fine now ;-)

Gnome 2.8.1

Submitted by msameer on Sun, 31/10/2004 - 4:15am

The idea started as follow: I wanted to hack nautilus for goneme, I've downloaded the latest tarball and started building, Just to discover that i'll have to compile other packages to satisfy the dependencies. So, Why not build the whole GNOME desktop and have a look ?
And so I did, with the aid of garnome, Everything was smooth, I only had to "make CC="gcc -lcups"" to complete libgnomecups linking "who is using this anyway ??" and just fetching a few debs and installing them.
So gnome at last, First, I erased my ~/.gnome* and ~/.gconf*, Just to discover later that I've erased my multi-gnome-terminal configuration.
Now let's see. spatial nautilus ? yuk! gnome volume manager ? cool, No more annoyimh sgit when I insert a CD into the CD-ROM drive. I'll disable all of it!
Evolution can render arabic fine, That's cool. Maybe it can do this since ages, But I've never checked.
I loved the gnome net tools thing. The net monitor applet is nice and has a sweet configuration dialog to configure the network, I didn't try it though not to break my current configuration ;-)

OK. COOL, Shall I stick with gnome ? I was about to when I tried to launch an application from the menu and it didn't work, So how the hell am I supposed to know the application name to launch it ? No way, Back to pekwm.
We all love screenshots!

Arabeyes core elections.

Submitted by msameer on Mon, 25/10/2004 - 8:28pm

So after having hard time with Shereef Nagy trying to let him run, I decided to run too, Maybe cause I gave him my word.
Shereef Is a hard worker though he doesn't understand what problem he is getting himself into ;-)
Anyway, Here is My plan:

Ok, I hate to write, And i won't write anything.
All what I can say is that I believe in arabeyes, though the way we are doing things suck, I also believe that the arab community is shit and that they won't do anything and that they should be all burned alive.
Anyway, As I always try to do what I can so when I stop doing no one can blame me, I'll nominate myself too. I don't think that I can do much, I don't think that I'll have much free time in the future, But I'll try to spare what I can for arabeyes.

After modifying my blurb to:
I think that since arabeyes is beyond all of the volunteers there, That's one.
The 2nd thing is that I feel I can give something to arabeyes, I do understand how things work inside arabeyes, And I think that I have enough free time to give.

When It comes to putting Arabic on the GNU/Linux desktop, I think that I can do it well by trying to facilitate it and providing/fixing/optimizing the i18n framework for Arabic.

I decided NOT to run, I'm in a bad mood these days, Maybe I can't take good decisions, But that's why I don't want to get myself into something that I won't be able to cope with.

I also remembered: "Treat your people using your own thoughts, And with what your mind is saying, Not with what your heart is saying"

Being a core is like giving a word, You'll have to be responsible for it, I think that I can give arabeyes what a core can give and still not being a core member, But I'm not sure I can do what I promised to when I'm a core.

The third step towards freedom

Submitted by msameer on Mon, 25/10/2004 - 3:41am

This should've been written days ago.
So, On wednesday I went to get the ID, And yes! I've got it, Now to go and get the passport.
Sorry, You are not allowed, Because The place you live here is not covered by this office.
Why you didn't tell me this the last time ?
We didn't notice.
So I found myself taking the care again to a place far by an hour to get the passport done.
Get a photocopy of your ID, She told me there.
Oh my, I have to walk in the sun for 15 minutes to get this one, So I've done it.
40 MINUTES later, I had the passport within my hand.

Egypt is easy, heh ?

The second step towards freedom

Submitted by msameer on Mon, 18/10/2004 - 12:53am

Still fighting for the passport, I went there to submit my papers to get a passport.
Sorry, But you can't have a passport.
Hell, Why ??
Because your ID has "student" written on it
So, I have the papers to proove that I've graduated.
Sorry, Go state that on your ID, Then you can get the passport.

Holly shit, They'll refuse to modify my job from student to whatever I want, My ID is old and it was cut into 2 pieces, I just want to say a word about IDs in Egypt. Long ago we had paper IDs, A few years ago they started to do the new plastic credit card size IDs.

So, I'll have to get the new ID, We have 2 ways to get them, The normal way which takes from 2 to 3 weeks, And the fast way which takes a few days, You pay 75 LE for the 2nd one, And 15 LE for the 1st one
I'll get the fast one, said to myself, I went there to get it, NO sir, You can't get a new ID. FUCK, Why ? The old ID you have is no good, Do you have a valid passport ??
Now what! I want the ID to get a passport, And they want the passport for the ID.
So, I must have a valid passport, Or a driving license "why aren't the GPL'ed ??" or a good ID.
Finally the solution was to get them the application I filled Eight YEARS ago to get my old no good ID.
So, I went tonight to get the new ID at last, The problem with taking my photo was simply, You are very wight, The photo won't be good, So I had to sit down in front of 2 754785765876 wats lamps for 10 minutes till they were able to take a nice photo, I hope I'll get the ID as they said on Wednesday, If everything goes correct, I'll have my passport on Wednesday or Thursday.

Google, My calculator.

Submitted by msameer on Sat, 16/10/2004 - 6:48pm

Yes, Google is great, Try some or all of the following:
* square root 4
* 23/2
* 4 miles in kilometers
* 4 kilometers in miles
* 2 to the power 12
What do I want more than that ?

Ramadan Ramadan...

Submitted by msameer on Fri, 15/10/2004 - 11:16am

So, It was yesterday, we decided to go and have our suhur in AlHussain, We expected to find loads of people, Closed streets due to cars, And so. But It was strange not to find things so bad, We moved from alaa's at 2:00 or was it 2:30 am ? I can't remember, Well perhaps due to that Mostafa Hussain took cups from the dish washer for pepsi without knowing that they are to be washed, Well, Manal told us this after we drank, Never mind.
So we went out, ezabi with no seat belts, My the guy who forgot his personal ID, Alaa and Manal in the car - Remind me to tell you that the car kept crying gasoline all the night, And ezabi tried hard to fix it s he can return home - DJ-KING and meeso took a taxi, It was nice, I ate like a donkey, I was home at 5:30, slept at 5:45.
Now here I am next day with no cigarettes ;-(
Isn't it amazing ? I wrote all this without a single bad word ? ;-)

Why are my friends doing this to me??

Submitted by msameer on Wed, 13/10/2004 - 9:36pm

I don't know, I'm most of the time available on the IRC channel, Why are my friends replacing google with me ? Why are they asking me silly questions ? why are they telling me about things I don't care to hear about ? Why do I get silly questions from people expected to have high IQ ?!
Why do I get a question like: kppp connects but no send/receive ? why don't you try with a dan fucken command line application like wvdial ? why don't you google ? why don't you put the phone cable into your ass and dial with it ? pulse dialing still works!
How the hell am I supposed to answer a question like: I couldn't get E to work under my username ? And when this question comes from an expert ? shit.
No, No, And NO. From now on, I'll react badly to such questions. Or ignore them, We shall see.